Presse Internationale -- U.S.A.

Avril 2018

Volume 44 N2

Papatamus Reviews

Nelly Pouget

" Spirale Danse "

NELLY POUGET is a saxophonist of considerable ability who since 1991 has been turning out recordings on the Minuit Regards record label. In fact that label is the only label on which she appears, often solo or in very small groups. The latest CD, her first in 15 years, is SPIRAL DANSE [Minuit Regards Records REF 59242]. This is a collection of 9 originals played solo. Here, she plays a variety of instruments including ss, as, ts, b, balafon and what sounds like thumb piano. This was recorded 10/13/14 and 2/3/15, some of it in front of an audience. This is not as cohesive as her earlier work. The solo work on sax is the most engaging but her vocals and other instrument choices do not speak to me. At one point she does a bass solo built on the rhythm of “A Love Supreme”. The brief notes by Philipp Romanoni are notable for referring to Pouget as both ‘he’ and ‘her’ but since the liners appear in both French and English it is possible something got lost in translation.