Presse Internationale -- U.S.A.

Avril 2018

Volume 44 N2

Papatamus Reviews

Nelly Pouget

" Spirale Danse "

JÉRÉMIE LENOIR has made SPIRALE DANSE [Minuit Regards ref f59242] a video starring Nelly Pouget. For background please reference Pouget’s CD covered earlier in the CD reviews section of this Papatamus. This DVD really made me wish I had learned French as this narrative is entirely in French. Even so, I found this of interest as the film spends a few days following Pouget in her bohemian/artist haunts as she practices, instructs children about sound and negotiates business. This is not a music film and Pouget spends more time with a cigarette in her mouth than a sax. Pity as the brief spots where she is playing are exciting and reminiscent of the playing on her earlier recordings. Near the end of the film the subject drives to the country near the south of France, I think, where a small camp trailer that has been mired in sand for some time it would seem. She un-mires it and once more seems in her element albeit rural. Musicians, including Siegfried Kessler, Sunny Murray, Noah Rosen and Makoto Sato, are very briefly seen.