Presse Internationale -- U.S.A.

mai 1992

Volume 18 N5


Nelly Pouget

" Le Dire "

Le Dire / Ange Promenade / Aurore / Respiration / Expansion / Amour Solitaire /Ange Barbare. 55:00.
Nelly Pouget ss ts; Siegfrted Kessler p; Tony Overwater b; Sunny Murray d. 1/19/91. Paris Fr.

Nelly Pouget's Le Dire is redolent of the spirit of the 1960s. It shares a lot of characteristics with the best of that decade's music: a lot of passion, a little spirituality and a little aimlessness (even the best music from that decade had a little of that quality). The soprano is her main instrument and her sound alternate between a ready serenity and an unrestricted guttural cry. There's great strength and excitement in her playing.

The real surprise of this session is the rare presence of drummer extraordinaire Sunny Murray. (Where has he been?) His style was once described as "the continuous sound of shattering glas" and that still holds true. He whips up a maelstrom underneath Pouget and Kessler's swirling improvisations.

Overwater contributes ever-changing accompaniment liness in a big, woody tone. His lines are an apt complement to Murray's pulse time-keeping.

The spirit of the music may be of the 1960s but it sounds pretty vital in the neo-con 90s.

Robert Iannapollo